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2010-09-02 10:19 am


So, yesterday I was helping out a friend of mine. His youngest daughter is getting married next May. No big deal, needed a break from school work anyways. Last night we (BF and I) got home about 9ish. Grabbed a shower cause I was nasty dirty and stinky from sweating. Thinking we were gonna go to the store right after, the fucktard BF goes on an hour rant about how his needs are not being filled in a timely manner o_O. In a timely manner, Hello twit I have school work and house work to so. I'm not dropping my daily things to please your sorry ass.

Men, can't live with then won't kill them.

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2010-09-02 01:02 pm

Answer me this....

So who is all from the great exodus of live journal members?

I've shopped around for a new blog site for a year or so. It fist started with the deleting of communities that didn't fit into the norm of LJ. Then there was the"rumor" of personal journal deleting if you were not a paid or perm account holder. Once my favorite communities jumped ship and joined up with LJ employees, that broke the camels back. Now twitter and facebook, talk about being a sell out of the free will once known to the LJ world.