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Life is like a box of!

Anyways, I'm here. Getting tired of not being able to voice my opinion on other blog sites, LJ being one of them. I thought it was my right to say what I damn well want to in this country. Now I can't for fear of upsetting people who do not share my views. I can't share my opinions on immigration, politics, and even the occasional celebrity bashing. It seems to me that we are now a country that's gone soft on voicing our views. Oh well, guess that;s the cost of living in a society who loves to harbor illegals or celebrate a mosque in New York. We are a country who was founded on equal rights for all (straight, gay, green, pink, blue, or whatever)

I just want a place to spell out my frustration on many things, and I found the place to do it. IF in anyway you are offended my what I have to say, PLEASE do no comment in here about how stupid or pathetic my views are. They are MY views. I have the right to say them and no one can judge me on it. I would rather be friendly with everyone, but sometimes we don;t see eye to eye.


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I knew I forgot something! I have a friend in England who is a self-taught nature photographer, and even the BBC has noticed him. I made a DW feed journal of his Flickr for him that you can look at here:

I think he's quite good. :)


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